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B. Company Contact Information :-

Are you aware of Canada Study Visa process ?  
Do you have experience to recruit students for Canada ?  
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Agreement :-

1. It is the responsibility of the Recruitment Agent that the Documents submitted for the student are original, to avoid refusal or non-refund of tuition fee.
2. Commission will be paid per semester only after the confirmation of enrolment from the college.
3. CVC will not be liable to pay commission if student withdraw their admission from the college.
4. Admission inquiry regarding the student must be filled and send through a specific performa provided by CVC along with their education documents in a single pdf.
5. The Commission for successful recruited student will be 50%-70% depending upon number of application per year.
6. In Order to claim the commission, the agent will provide the performa invoice provided by CVC.

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On Behalf of Canada Visa Consultants :-

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This agreement is valid for one year !!!