Canada Student Visa Process (Download Pdf Format)

Step 1 : Attend a counselling session
Contact our counsellers to find out your options relating to courses available, institutes that offer them along with fees & other documentation required for applying.

Step 2 : Register with Canada Visa Consultants
Register with Canada Visa Consultants to get help with the Admission and Visa process. We will keep you informed & prepared for every step in the Admissions & Application process & bring your overseas education dreams within easy reach. All our services are tailored to make your transition a smooth one.

Step 3 : Apply for admission
Once you have decided upon the course & college of your choice, it is our job to ensure your application is complete & sorted to give you the best chance for approval. While applying for admission / visa, you will be required to submit several documents including but not limited to, proof of your Academic Qualifications & English Language Proficiency. We will guide you through all the forms and formats of documents you will need to provide during the whole process. Furthermore, we will help you keep track of the progress of your application by being in regular contact with the institution on your behalf & send you updates about it as well.

Step 4 : Get Medical Certification
You will need to undertake a medical certificate to go along with your application. The medical examination will be done by one of the doctors approved by the Canadian Government. We will provide you with an updated list of the approved panel doctors from which you can select one closest to your location. You will be provided with a receipt (IMM1017) for the medicals, which you will need to produce while submitting you visa application. The medical report corresponding to the reciept will automatically be sent to the visa office.

Step 5 : Organising funds

The students need to provide proof of financial security in the form of first year / semester living expenses & tuition fee, paid through a special Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) issued by Scotia bank, for the amount of CAD $10,000 or the students can submit a copy of the receipt for the first year / semester tuition fee payment along with a copy of an educational Loan from an Indian Chartered Bank equivalent to the amount of CAD $10,000.

Step 6 : Fee Payment
As with any country, before beginning your education you would have to pay the tuition fee decided upon by the institution. You can pay this fee through either Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or Direct Debit (DD). Our consultants will guide you on which course is the most suitable according to your case and what formalities need to be fulfilled while doing so. Once the college / university receive your fee payment, they will issue you a receipt which will be then attached to your visa application.

Step 7 : Applying for Visa
In Canada, a student visa is known as a Study Permit. To get your visa application approved, you will need to provide the documents proving your Academic Qualifications among other things. We will guide you on how to fill your applications and attach your documents. Once you have applied for your Study Permit, we will stay in contact with the visa office on your behalf & keep you updated on the progress of your application.

Step 8 : Visa Application Results
Part of keeping you updated on the progress of your application is informing you as soon as we know the result of your visa application. You can come in to collect your passport & start discussing your travel itinerary and post landing services for Canada.

Step 9 : Travel services
Canada Visa Consultants offer more than just Visa Counselling. We can also help you organise your travel arrangements, including but not limited to Air ticketing, insurance, foreign exchange & various other Services. We also have a set of Post Landing Services to help you settle down in the new country in a hassle free manner & make your overseas education experience more fun.

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