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The Canadian government always tries to work towards getting experienced business people interested in contributing to Canada’s growth and long-term prosperity by investing in Canada’s economy. The money you invest is divided between different provinces and territories. It is then used for projects that help develop the economy & create jobs. You will recieve a permanent resident visa in honor of your investment towards the prosperity of the country.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) takes a guarantee to return your investment, without interest, in about five years and three months from the date of initial investment. The only catch is, you must make your investment before they issue a permanent resident visa to you. The visa office will send you a letter of approval for your application which contains the details of the transactions. You will have 30 days after that to submit the money.

The Canadian Government is very strict about what kind of investment it will allow to circulate in it's economy. Strict policies are put in place to help maintain the integrity & transparency of the economy. To ensure this, they require that any potential investors must show that they have relevant business experience, along with a net worth of at least CAD $1,600,000 that was gained legally. Out of this, the investor must be ready to invest a minimum of CAD $800,000 in Canada.

Once these requirements are met, you will be asked to sign a subscription agreement which will spell out the details of your agreement with the government & the process through which your money will be invested. You are required to enter your personal details along with your immigration file number on the agreement. Once the agreement & the payment are verified, the visa offices will be notified & your application will move forward from there.

The CIC will issue a copy of the subscription agreement to you, along with a promissory note, which you must keep absolutely safe, as it will be needed to obtain repayment of your investment. The fees for this application is CAD $1,050 & it takes upwards of 70 months for your application to be processed. In case you change your mind about moving to Canada before your permanent resident visa has been issued, the CIC will refund your investment within 90 days of receipt of a signed request for refund. But if your visa has already been issued, then the investment cannot be refunded until it matures at the end of the five-year term. So it is very important to be sure about your decision to invest.

Considering the amount involved & the complicated laws governing foreign investment, it is recommended that you hire experienced professionals like us to help guide you through all the red tape. We will make sure that the whole process is completely rapidly & remains completely hassle free for you.

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