Medical Requirement

To get a Study Permit, students must get a Medical examination to detect that the student is not suffering from any communicable disease and do not carry any deadly virus. These tests are done by Panel Physicians approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to do this exam. You can find a list of these Panel Doctors ( This test must be done at least one week before submitting the student visa application in the CHC (Canadian High Commission). Once your medical exam has been completed, the doctor will give you a document confirming that you underwent a medical exam which will be attached to your Visa application. If your application is refused after your medical exam, the fees for this medical exam will not be refunded.

The medical examination includes a physical examination, blood tests, urine tests, and X-Rays. Due to concerns the safety of the fetus, X-rays are not taken of pregnant applicants until after delivery of the baby. For the medical examination to be thorough, you must bring documentation regarding your entire medical history, including but not limited to, any medical reports or test results that you have relating to previous or existing medical conditions. It is important that you declare any medical condition you have / had to the doctor during the exam. Hiding such information can lead to problems with Visa approval at later stages.


  • Students applying under SPP must undergo medical examina

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