Post Landing Services

Most people consider getting Admission / Visa the hard part. But we understand that the real hard part comes once you get off the plane. So, we make sure that there is an entire support system available to help you navigate the task of settling down in a foreign land. Our Post Landing Services are designed specifically to ensure that you never feel alone or without help.

Airport Pickup

Our Canadian Staff offers Airport Pickup Service for our clients travelling to Canada. Seeing a familiar face helps ease the discomfort of being alone in new country for students & encourages them to acclimate themselves to a new atmosphere. This also gives the students an opportunity to learn about local rules & regulations of the new country.


We offer Accommodation Facility for Students who don't have any means of finding accommodation on their own and / or are not comfortable with living in a college dorm. We help the students search for affordable accommodation in safe neighbourhoods close to their colleges. Our focus remains on arranging for them the most facilities within their budget.

Bank Account

Canada is an advanced country with a strong financial system. To avail the best benefits of that system, we provide guidance to our clients on opening a Canadian bank account. This not only helps them easily pay their bills, but also gives them a structured way of managing their finances in a foreign land.

Job Orientation

Canadian culture inculcates a strong work ethic in it's youth. Students work part time jobs while studying to earn some money. This experience also goes into their resume for consideration in future job interviews. Indian students studying in Canada can also work for a limited time while studying if they want. We help such students get Job Offers / Interviews to help them get on the right track.

S.I.N Number

S.I.N or Social Insurance Number is a nine-digit number that you need to work in Canada. It also gives you access to government programs and benefits. We help students by informing them on the forms, documents, fees & other things needed while applying & making sure their applications are complete and properly organised.

Medical Insurance

All international students in Canada must have health insurance. Some provinces don't cover International Students under public health care plans. Students in these provinces must arrange for private health insurance coverage. We inform the students about the health care status in their provinces & how to apply for public / private medical insurance depending on the coverage available to them.

Driving License (G1)

A driving license is very important for truly adapting to a new country. It gives you the freedom to explore the country on your own time. We inform the students about the driving laws of Canada along with all the prerequisite requirements they need to fulfil before getting a driving license. We also help them get driving lessons as driving a left hand drive vehicle is a totally new experience to most of them.

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