Pre Departure Briefing

Canada Visa Consultants in sync with it's Parent organisation, Networth Overseas Consultants hosts periodic Pre-Departure Briefings for its students who are leaving for Canada to pursue higher studies through us. We also invite the parents of the students to attend these educational seminars so that they too are informed about their children's new destination & the new culture they are going to face. It is very important for the students to learn about the institute they are enrolling in, the kind of academic environment it offers & the rules & regulations the students are expected to follow to make their study span a safe & productive one.

We make a habit of inviting Reputed Guest Speakers to give a talk to the students about life in Canada & how they will have to adapt to the new life in a new country. Through this, the students also get an opportunity to ask any questions they have regarding their course, living arrangements, health and safety, insurance and more. Due to this being a group briefing, the students also get to benefit from the questions other students ask about things that they themselves might have not thought about yet.

Other than the social aspect of these briefings, the students also get to go through the pre departure checklist ritual to make sure that they have:

  • Booked their airline tickets.
  • Bought their travel and health insurance.
  • Arranged for accommodation in Canada.
  • Arranged transportation to & from the airport.
  • Collected all the traveller’s cheques & international cards.
  • Exchanged their cash into Canadian Dollars for the amount they are going to carry with them.
  • Packed in accordance to baggage and customs limitations.
  • Collected copies of & Verified all the paperwork you have submitted to both the college & embassy.
  • Contacted the college & embassy regarding your travel plans & any other queries you might have.

But, for those smart students who have signed up for our Post Landing Services, all you need to do is let us take care of all these details for you, while ou sit back, relax & keep track of the progress.

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